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CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle Vaters, our 2023 Harvard Essay Winner! Read her winning essay here!

The Cable Executive Management Program at Harvard Business School is a world-class management development experience for Leaders from across all disciplines in the media/entertainment/technology industry. 

Attendees will benefit from an intensive week with top Harvard Business School professors and selected industry luminaries focused on business strategy, marketing and management principles within a curriculum that’s built around detailed case study problems. It is a stimulating, demanding program that challenges minds, invigorates careers and will ready you for the next generation of challenges. ​

Scholarship Details

The Scholarship includes tuition, airfare, housing, meals and materials (and the right to say you went to Harvard!). Approximate value of the prize is $15,000 CDN. Any additional costs are at the recipient’s expense. 

How To Apply

Bring it on and flex your business acumen!  Submit your application by answering this year's Scholarship Essay question: 

"Analyze the impact of free ad-supported linear channel platforms on traditional cable TV/telco companies, focusing on potential threats and competitive advantages. Discuss strategies for cable/satellite/telco providers dealing with these challenges, considering paid subscription services. Explore the CRTC's role in regulating FAST platforms while prioritizing Canadian industry competitiveness and consumer choice."

Application Requirements

  • Your contact info (name, address, phone, & email).
  • Letter of reference from your organization (This letter counts in the evaluation).
  • Letter of reference from a professional relationship you’ve worked with (This letter counts in the evaluation).
  • 100 words about your participation with CTAM Canada (This detail counts in your evaluation).
  • Application question criteria: Essay (1000 words), or PowerPoint (25 page max), or Video/Audio (7 minutes max), or Podcast (7 minutes max).
  • Eligibility criteria: Must be a CTAM Canada member.
  • See the Essay score Card here.
  • Any Essay entry that meets the criteria above will be eligible for a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Application Deadline

Email your application with all required information before February 9th , 2024 (5:00pm ET) to Aubray Boyd at AND Conor O'halloran at  You will receive an email confirmation following your submission. The jury will name the winning essay by March 6th. 

Please contact if you have any questions.

Good Luck!

The Experience of a Lifetime

Michelle Vaters, Senior Manager, Contest Sales & Distribution, Canada at The Walt Disney Company had the opportunity to participate in the 2023 edition which took place from June 11th to 16th. 

Read about Michelle's experience here: 
The Experience of a Lifetime by Michelle Vaters

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  • 2023: Michelle Vaters, Senior Manager, Contest Sales & Distribution, Canada at The Walt Disney Company
  • 2022 : David Legault, Senior Manager, Content Operations Broadcast & VOD, Stingray
Read about David's experience here  
  • 2021 : Conor O'Halloran, Sales Analyst, Bell Media
Read about Conor's experience.
  • 2019:  Drew Robinson, Vice President, Content Distribution, Corus Entertainment
  • 2018: Andy Garrett, Director of Product Management and Affiliate Relations, Eastlink
  • 2017: Julie Kumaria, Vice President, Marketing and Content Distribution, Hollywood Suite 
  • 2016: Valerie Heroux, Senior Director, Programming Multiplatform Broadcast, Videotron
  • 2015: Jennifer Salmon, VP Contracts, Canadian Cable Systems Alliance
  • 2014: Andrew Eddy, VP, Content and Programming, Shaw Communications

Here's what Drew Robinson had to say about the experience

After years of hearing so many great things about the Cable Executive Management course at Harvard Business School, I was truly honoured to be the recipient of CTAM Canada’s scholarship in 2019. 

It had been over 15 years since I’d last stepped into a classroom and I was equally intimidated and excited.  While I had heard stories about how much reading was required in preparation for the class work, you really cannot appreciate how intense and comprehensive this course is until the case studies arrive.  For weeks in advance, I sat at home reading case study after case study, making notes and trying to figure out how shipping yards, mattress stores or investment firms has anything to do with PayTV. 

When I arrived on campus, the facilities had everything one would expect from a school like Harvard.  The dorms were immaculate and while the course work impressive, it’s the people you meet that made the entire experience memorable. 

On that note, the most humbling part of this program takes place when you first step into the classroom and come face to face with dozens of industry Executives, representing some of the biggest brands in television.  While the case studies provide a platform for everyone to organize their thoughts, the real learning comes from the discussion and different perspectives that emerge as everyone makes their way through the case studies, each one facilitated by brilliant and personable professors. 

I highly recommend this program and thank CTAM Canada making it possible.  


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